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Introducing [col=#0F60AF/Premium] reading glasses

Welcome to our Premium collection. Here, fashion and sustainability come together, and elegance takes on an entirely new dimension. Our Premium glasses are characterized by refined design, extra-strong frames, biocompatibility, and lightweight comfort. Elements that unite style and convenience.

Transform your reading glasses into more than just visual correction and give your wardrobe an upgrade beyond the ordinary.

Top-notch reading glasses

Pamper your [col=#0F60AF/eyes]

In our Premium collection, two materials stand out: Bio Acetate and Beta Titanium.

Bio Acetate glasses are not only stylish but also created with the environment in mind. Lightweight, flexible, and biodegradable, they provide sharp vision and a fashion-forward look.

Beta Titanium glasses elevate your style to new heights. By combining strength, lightweight, and flexibility, you get a blend that ensures an elegant visual appeal and a comfortable experience.

Create your own unique style

3 pairs of Premium 119€

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Reading glasses in a class of their own

Luxury and [col=#0F60AF/exclusivity] for him and for her

The most prominent difference in our Premium reading glasses is the thickness of the frame. We have intentionally created a thicker and more robust frame that not only appears solid and durable but also radiates quality and elegance.

The collection includes reading glasses for both men and women. When you choose our Premium reading glasses, you enter a world that offers more than just improved vision. Our designs are based on the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity and functionality and take it a step further with a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

Quality in focus

Luxury and [col=#0F60AF/exclusivity] for him and for her

Your vision deserves the best, and that is precisely what we have created. Our Premium glasses are carefully composed of solid and durable materials. Each element is designed with the purpose of providing you with the ultimate experience of quality and comfort. Here, you get glasses that not only look fantastic but also feel fantastic.