Eyeglasses in a sustainable way

We are on a journey towards a sustainable future. We strive to do our part to decrease negative impacts on our planet. A central element is to communicate and ensure employee engagement.


Let’s be completely honest; Running an online business, aiming to make the customer experience convenient and at the same time, live up to sustainable expectations, is a journey by itself. But it’s a journey that we are absolutely ready to take on.

In fact, we have been on it for a while. With a group of dedicated employees committed to making our Luxreaders community more sustainable - we are delighted to finally share it with you. Welcome to the Green Team.

Empowered Community

Green Team is a community established with the intention of implementing responsible choices and long-term initiatives. By implementing a sustainable initiative each month and sharing it across our platforms, we aim to create awareness about how our online business can improve. 

The goal is to promote sustainability in the company with initiatives that can range from personal goals such as biking to work and reduce intake of meat, to greater goals in the value chain to support take action on climate challenges.” - Julius, Country Marketing Assistant for Netherlands and leader of the Green Team.

Developing sustainability

As an online business, we are able to minimize paper usage. It seems obvious to embrace online technology and aim to use less paper to prevent deforestation. 

Our virtual try-on and indicative vision tests are high tech-solutions that we have implemented to minimize unnecessary returns, and as a result, reduce environmental footprint. 

When it comes to the production of our glasses, we are always looking for ways to improve. Aiming to make our designs as sustainable as possible, our frames made with Cellulose Acetate contain renewable materials which are biodegradable. This means that our Acetate glasses will biodegrade more easily at the end of their lifespan and as a result, is better for our planet. Plus, it reduces our reliance on non-renewable resources. 

We are committed to offering desirable frames through timeless, functional design and long-lasting quality. The felt cases that our glasses come in are carefully made with renewable and sustainable materials.  

From us to you in eco-friendly packaging

We are proud to say that we have cut out middlemen in our value chain, as this is a game-changer when it comes to reducing CO2 burdens. It means that we can shorten the route from production to consumer. When we ship your package, we use packaging made of 100% recycled materials. With packaging that fits the exact amount of ordered glasses, we prevent overconsumption.

We have to fly in elements of our products from around the world. Our future mission is to get our shipments delivered by train or ship. When the products arrive at our warehouse, they come in as large quantities as possible, in order to minimize CO2 emissions. 

Small steps, big change

We know that there’s always room for improvement. Being a sustainable, ethical brand within the optical industry can be difficult to put into practice. With our beginning movement towards sustainability, we aim to demonstrate genuine care. Talking about our products, materials, business practices, and the people we collaborate with, we’re working hard to walk the talk. We believe that awareness and consistency are key to creating a real, lasting impact. Wanna join us? Follow us on Instagram and get to know more. 

We are aiming to take positive steps forward and we see this as an exciting journey that we would like to share with you. Things change fast, which means that we might not always know of the latest solution to an issue across our brand or industry. If you have seen or heard of something which you think we could – or should – be looking into, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at hi@luxreaders.com