A clearer view of sustainability

Our responsibility

We believe that responsibility is about prioritising the planet, our products and our partners. At Luxreaders, our goal is to run a business that benefits both the environment and society.

Eco-friendly initiatives

We reduce paper consumption by prioritising online technology. At the same time, we implement eco-friendly shipping methods with recyclable packaging as part of our planet-friendly strategy. We are committed to taking responsibility for the environment and promoting green initiatives continuously.

Materials and production

We carefully prioritise materials for our products, including bio-acetate, which is made from natural and biodegradable raw materials. This choice reduces our dependence on non-renewable resources and minimises our environmental impact, while maintaining high quality and comfort.

Socially responsible partnerships

We partner with suppliers and manufacturers who share our values of labour rights, fair wages and safe working conditions. In this way, we ensure that our business supports and respects human rights.

More environmentally friendly materials


A large part of our eyewear is made with bio-acetate, a more environmentally friendly material made from natural raw materials such as wood chips and cotton fibres.

The material degrades naturally over time without harmful substances, making it a sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic materials often seen on the market.

Production processes

We strive to optimise our production processes to minimise environmental impact, including efficient freight methods, consolidation of shipments and the use of low-emission transport.

Our goal is to ensure more sustainable operations and move towards a greener future, and we know there is always room for improvement.

We want to be even better

This is just the start of our environmental initiatives. Our commitment is strong and we're eager to keep moving forward and share more updates with you.