Eyeglass trends 2024

The feeling of freshly cut hair or a visit to the beautician. You probably know the good feeling of a great, renewed look! Have you thought about how square frame glasses, round metal glasses, or maybe clear frame glasses could also change your look? Perhaps you wonder, what is the current eyeglass trend? Don't worry, Luxreaders has the answer to the eyeglass trend in 2024. 

What kind of glasses are in style for 2024?

This year, some popular trends seen before are doing their come-back. Round metal glasses, pilot glasses, iconic glasses, and characteristic details are all in demand for both men and women. At Luxreaders you can find many popular frames in different shapes and solid or patterned colors. If you dare to try something new, you can try one of the most prominent eyewear trends right now, transparent glasses, for a more subtle look.

An absolute must-have

Transparent glasses

Transparent glasses are a rapidly emerging trend and a must-have in the latest eyewear trends. Clear frame glasses have been popular since their first appearance, and have been worn by famous people such as Sarah Hyland, Matthew McConaughey, and Jurgen Klopp. Transparent frame glasses look good on virtually all face shapes and skin tones on both men and women. Simple in themselves, they can match any outfit for any occasion. Neither too old-fashioned nor too flashy in the crowd, you can safely wear them with your office look, at a restaurant, or at home with friends and family. Our Trondheim Crystal White is one of the popular frames and can be found in reading glasses, blue light glasses, and sunglasses. 

Women’s eyeglasses trends

Retro round glasses

You may think, are stylish, round glasses for me? If you want others to notice you, the answer is yes! A bit retro, very chic, and a whole lot of cool, retro round glasses can suit a variety of looks, from business to casual.

Styling tip: Round glasses are inn, modern and timeless. Wear them in combination with dresses with floral prints, maxi skirts, or pants. Of course, they can match a sophisticated, simple, and traditional look, too!

Metal frame glasses

If you are a minimalist or new to wearing glasses, you should try our metal frame glasses. They are thin, elegant, and discreet. Check our popular Tromsø frames in colors like gold or steel for a subtle appearance! 

Styling tip: Metal frames fit every style and for any occasion. Choose this type of spectacle model when you buy your first pair of spectacles so you can be more experimental next time.

Iconic glasses

Iconic frames are perfect for women who wish to radiate power, style, and class while still allowing for expression and personality. Regardless of your style, iconic glasses are an excellent style to try in 2024.

Styling tip: The iconic glasses are great to take everywhere because they can be worn as a fixed part of your look. Orebro Dark Turtle is a popular model that will spice up any outfit.

Men’s eyeglasses trends

Round glasses

A real classic for men! Round glasses are a trend that is seen year after year for men. Stylish round glasses in dark colors give a refined, academic, and masculine look.

Styling tip: The beauty of round glasses is that you can wear them with everything. Combine a pair of Tromsø black with something simple like denim and a t-shirt. You can also combine them with a classic suit.

Pilot goggles

Complete your Top Gun look with a pair of pilot frame glasses! No guarantee, but you will feel like Tom Cruise when wearing a pair of Goteborg black. Pilot frames, also called aviators, give a smart look with a modern finish. Find your aviator glasses in blue light, reading glasses, and sunglasses.

Styling tip: For a true Tom Cruise look, you can get pilot sunglasses. The square metal frame glasses work well with casual wear. Consider pairing with a pair of chinos and a button-down shirt.

Square frame glasses

You can never go wrong with a timeless spectacle silhouette like the square! Our bestseller model, Oslo black, is the best square eyeglasses that fit everything you wear! A classic, effortless shape that will stand the test of time in eyewear fashion.

Styling tip: Ideal for any face shape and style, these shapes will add personality and definition to your look. See our collection of square reading glasses, blue light glasses, and sunglasses.