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As technology has advanced, we have become increasingly reliant on gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and computers for both work and leisure. However, this constant use of screens has led to a rise in vision problems, including eye strain, dry eyes, and blurred vision. Studies have shown that prolonged screen time can also disrupt our sleep patterns, leading to further issues with our vision. Go figure!

And not only that, but the blue light emitted by screens can disrupt the natural sleep-wake cycle and contribute to nearsightedness, a condition where the eye is not able to focus on distant objects clearly. Naturally, this has led to an increase in the need for eyeglasses with stronger prescriptions. More and more people are reaching out for cheap eyeglasses with strength to correct vision problems caused by screen use. 

So you could say our eyes are not having fun in this time and age...

...Then what? How can we prevent our eyes from suffering and still have a great time working, reading or binge-watching our favorite series?

Don’t worry! Luxreaders is here to help you find perfect eyeglasses with strength online. No need to panic: with the right shade, shape and strength, you’ll look as charming as ever! And by the end of the day, nothing will feel good as a sense of comfort rather than pressure in front of your book or a computer screen.

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Reading glasses can be fun, too

As we grow older, reading glasses are necessary evil we learn to love with time. But how do you know that the time has finally come? One of the most tell-tale signs is when you find yourself holding books and magazines further away from your eyes than normal. That means your eyes are having increasing difficulty focusing on close objects, which often indicates the need for corrective lenses to maintain clear vision for everyday tasks.

If that sounds familiar, Luxreaders is your new best friend! Our eyeglasses with strength come in all styles, shapes and colors. And when it comes to picking the right pair, all you need is our Try-on function - try our glasses online, to find the best fit for you.  

When you start exploring our collection, you can also take advantage of our vision test to get an idea of ​​what strength you need, before you purchase eyeglasses with strength online. You can try Luxreaders’ vision test right now and get the approximate lens strength suitable to you. Testing your strength is a great way to start!