Online Eye Test by Luxreaders 

At Luxreaders, we offer two vision tests. Our simple, indicative vision test helps you with a quick overview to identify the strength you need when buying reading glasses. Our more in-depth and newest online vision test which is developed by us, is also available. 

Test your vision

When using our simple, indicative vision test, you should sit 40 cm away from the computer screen - it's closer than you think. 

Read the sentences below. When you reach the most minor sentence you can read quite clearly, the corresponding right column suggests what strength you need.

If you doubt two different strengths you should choose the lowest one.

Sentence Strength Age*

If you can read this sentence clearly, you don't need reading glasses

0 <35 years*

If you can read this sentence clearly, you don’t need reading glasses

+1.0 35-45 years*

If this is the first line you can read pretty clearly, use this strength

+1.5 45-50 years*

If this is the first line you can read pretty clearly, use this strength

+2.0 50-55 years*

If this is the first line you can read pretty clearly, use this strength

+2.5 55-60 years*

If this is the first line you can read pretty clearly, use this strength

+3.0 60-65 years*

If this is the first line you can read pretty clearly, use this strength

+3.5 +65 years*

*Age: When it comes to general age-related far-sightedness we are almost identical and follow almost all the patterns summarised above.

What strength reading glasses do I need by age?

Your optometrist will typically recommend reading glasses strength based on your age. As you get older, your eyes will naturally start to change. This can happen in a variety of ways, and one of the most common changes is caused by a condition known as ‘presbyopia’. This is generally what causes people to need reading glasses after the age of 40. Therefore, the recommended strength for people aged 35 to 45 years old is a strength between +0.75 to +1.00 to adjust your presbyopia. People aged 45 to 50 years old will typically need +1.00 to +1.50. People aged from 50 to 55 years old are typically recommended a strength of +2.00. And from 55 to 65 years old, it is recommended to use a strength of +2.5 to +3.00. When you are above 65 years old, a strength of +3.5 will be recommended. 

What is the most common reading glasses strength?

The most commonly-bought reading glasses strength is +1.00 reading glasses. 

Can I just buy reading glasses?

Simply, yes! Non-prescription reading glasses do not require an eye examination by the eye doctor. And buying reading glasses online are much less expensive than the readers you'd find at your eye doctor's office, and they work just as well if you choose the correct magnification.

How do I know if my glasses are too strong?

Blurred vision: If your eye prescription is incorrect, you may experience blurred vision. To test if your vision gets blurred, put on your glasses and cover one eye. Stare straight ahead with the other eye. If your vision is hazy or blurred, you can repeat it with the other eye. A cloudy or blurred vision in one eye, while the other is closed is a sure sign that the power of your glasses or lenses is incorrect.

Headaches: If you notice that your headaches have become more frequent or that they tend to occur primarily after you put on your glasses, then it’s likely you are wearing an incorrect prescription.

Dizzy and nauseous: When your prescription is too high, you will notice that you begin to feel dizzy and nauseous within some time of wearing your prescription glasses or lenses. This is a sure indication of a wrong prescription.

Can wearing glasses that are too strong damage your eyes?

Simply put, no. Too strong glasses will not damage your eyes, but they can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea after a while. Therefore, we recommend using our vision test to get the best results on which strength you need.

How can I check my eyesight at home online?

There are several ways that you can check your eyesight at home online. One way is to use our eye chart. Another way is to try our online vision test that you can make on your desktop or your mobile device. You will get a result in a few minutes so you will know exactly what strength of eyeglasses you need.

How can I check my eyesight on my phone?

Our online vision test can be used on your phone as an app. Just simply hold your phone at arm's length and follow the instructions on the screen. If you can't read the smallest line on the chart, you may need glasses or contacts.

First, make sure the light on your device is approx. 50% of max. Then place yourself at a comfortable distance of 40 cm from your screen. We are testing one eye at a time so make sure to cover one eye at a time with your hand. You will see two rings: use the top ring as a reference, and mark the correlating gap on the lower ring. After the test, you will get a result with the suggested strength you need.

Are online eye tests accurate?

Online eye tests are accurate and reliable. While they don’t replace a comprehensive eye exam from an eye doctor, the results should be close to what you would get from your optometrist or ophthalmologist. It is always recommended to have a full eye examination if you have any concerns about your vision, however, if you’re just looking for a general idea of your eye health, an online test can be a helpful starting point.

We recommend using a combined approach: our indicative vision test is best used as a guide or to monitor your vision over time, but if you do experience any changes in your vision suddenly, or if you have any concerns or need more specific advice we recommend to visit your optician or ophthalmologist.