Spring is upon us, and summer is approaching fast. A cold drink at the water's edge and a warm summer breeze. Does that sound good? Of course, but do not forget a pair of stylish sunglasses, which are a must-have on a nice, sunny summer day!

Not only do they protect your eyes and reduce wrinkles, but they are also part of your outfit! You can find many ​​different styles at Luxreaders, so get inspired by this sunglass guide before you explore our collections, where you will find the perfect shades for those long, sunny days.

Which sunglasses are modern?

We have guessed it - you want a pair of sunglasses that fit your style, sit comfortably, and are modern. Like everything else in the fashion industry, it's about finding a pair of stylish glasses that express your style.

Are you looking for a pair of sunglasses with color, or are you more into a pair of classic and discreet sunglasses you should continue reading! We have timeless styles of sunglasses that we know you will like next year, too.

Sunglasses with strength

Sunglasses with strength are a two-in-one spectacle. Anyone with a penchant for reading in the sun is familiar with one or more layers of spectacle devices where you wear reading glasses first and put sunglasses on top of the reading glasses. Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of the hassle - you just need to go for a pair of sunglasses with strength! In addition to the function of your normal reading glasses on sunny days, sunglasses with strength are ingenious to take with you everywhere. Our sunglasses with strength is made with spectacle lenses in anti-scratch, so feel free to bring your glasses to the beach without any worries!

What sunglasses suit my face?

Yes, how is it again...? Last year you might have had round glasses, and the year after, you found out that the rectangular ones were just better for you. You are not the only one wondering what shape suits you. With our quick guide to finding your face shape, you will quickly become wiser:

1. Start by pulling the hair back.

2. Place your face against a mirror and look straight ahead.

3. Look at your overall face shape and the contours of your face and hairline.

4. Compare the drawing which shape is closest to your face shape.

Ready to find the perfect sunglasses? Read on to find out which sunglasses to go for. Shape and color have a lot to say when it comes to expressing your style.

Sunglasses for oval face

Most people have an oval face shape. The characteristics are rounded hair-edge as well as jaw area. If you have an oval face, you are lucky, because it means that you can pretty much wear most sunglasses regardless of the shape of the glasses. Look for a style that fits the width of your face, without the glasses becoming too small, or too large.

The frame should be as wide as the widest point of your face, which will make you look good from all angles. Look for rectangular or square sunglasses. Our model, Skagen, will be an excellent choice for you.

Sunglasses for round face

If your face is almost as high as it is wide, you have a round face. With a round face, go for a pair of sunglasses that offset your soft features.

We recommend that you go for a pair of square sunglasses, and preferably a little wide. It will make your face appear narrower and create harmony in your facial features.

Our popular glasses, Lidkoping, will be good for your face, and you can take a look at our selection of square glasses.

Sunglasses for square face

If you have a more marked jaw area than usual, your face is square. A marked face will look great with sunglasses that soften the edges. Some square faces can carry heavy frames, while thin frames may be better for others. There are differences in square face shapes, but a generally good offer for a smart sunglasses for you with a square face shape is one of our bestselling models, Tromsø